Mask Fundraiser – Product Announcement

BoosterShot is proud to introduce another product to our suite of fundraisers! In addition to our Gift-Checkbook and Fantasy Sweepstakes lines, we have begun offering a Mask Fundraiser. With COVID-19 changing the social landscape, we wanted to create a product that would address a number of issues fundraising groups are facing. The result is our Mask Fundaiser.
What is a Mask Fundraiser? Simply, we design a customized face mask that is branded for your organization, which you can sell in the community to help raise funds and awareness of your group. These aren’t your typical low quality masks either. The masks are a 2-layer, anti-microbial, poly blended fabric that meets CDC guidelines. Because of the material used, they are cooler, lighter, more comfortable and breathable than most masks. They are machine washable/re-usable. Best of all, they are made in the USA!
In addition to the quality, we have a completely contact-less sales process to enable your members to sell the masks without fear of exposing themselves to COVID-19. Every group is given a dedicated link for their mask. They can leverage the link to sell through email campaigns and social media channels at both the group and personal level. All the orders are shipped directly to the buyer, so there’s no need to go through a lengthy in-person distribution of the masks. It is an easy process to help raise funds to meet all of your operational needs while also providing high quality face masks for your members as they begin participating in events again.
The masks retail for $18-$20 based on your choice, and your group earns $5-$9 per sale. Most importantly, there are no minimum purchase amounts and there are no costs to your group! This makes it the perfect fundraiser for groups of any size. We handle all the logistics, so your organization can focus on selling masks and raising money.
Overall, BoosterShot is excited to offer the new Mask Fundraiser. We feel it fits within our mission of creating high quality, high profit, community based fundraising products for our clients. With our contact-less sales process and focus on customer service, there isn’t a better option out there.

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