Mask Fundraising – The New Trend

Due to the effects of COVID-19, many non-profit organizations are facing major shortfalls in their capital needs. Reduced participation, canceled fundraising events, and mounting operational expenditures are pushing these groups to their limits. Limitations in personal contact are removing many potential avenues of revenue for these groups due to reduced fees and slashed fundraising events. Everyone is having to become creative in ways to drive new revenue to their organization.
As the new school year approaches and along with it the fall sports leagues, the students, teachers, and coaches are going to be in close contact with each other. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable at this point. Most of these organizations are putting in place new mandates for mask wearing to help combat any potential spread of COVID-19. Combined with the need for additional funds, Mask Fundraisers are the perfect solution.
Face mask fundraisers solve the two main issues groups are facing, plus they provide a couple of other unique opportunities for groups. The two main solutions it covers are the need for members to wear face masks while simultaneously creating a new revenue stream. It also allows the fundraising group to market their organization to a larger audience which will lead to more engagement in the future.
Essentially, a mask fundraiser allows an organization to personalize a face mask design to help promote their group, provide high quality face masks for their members, and raise additional funds for their group. The masks are personally branded, which creates buy-in from current members who will be wearing masks in the community. This helps raise awareness for the group as other people see the masks. Also, it provides high quality masks for the group members who are being required to wear them to attend school, sporting events, or other activities. Finally, by selling the masks to their members and the community at large, it allows each organization to supplement their financial needs by raising some extra money.
Overall, mask fundraisers are a great way to solve multiple problems that non-profit organizations are facing during the COVID-19 crisis.

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