How to Run a Mask Fundraiser

COVID-19 has changed the fundraising landscape for all non-profit organizations. Whether you’re a school, sports league, or community non-profit, you’re probably facing the same problems. Your group has a revenue shortfall for a variety of reasons. Your members are either hesitant to return or are being required to stay away due to social distancing issues. Your fundraisers have been canceled or have been severely limited because you can no longer sell face-to-face. And now, you’re potentially having all of these people back in your classroom, sports field, or activity center. All of this is requiring groups to become much more flexible and creative when it comes to how they operate.
In response to these issues, mask fundraising started becoming a major opportunity for groups. Of course, it helps groups raise the necessary funds to keep operating. Additionally, it provides a source of high quality face masks for group members as they begin school, sports, and activities that are mandating the wearing of masks as they start back up. Most importantly, groups like BoosterShot, offer a contact-less sales process for fundraising groups. Here’s a breakdown on how it works.
BoosterShot works with fundraising groups to create a customized face mask design that is unique to their organization. The modern design and high quality masks are very breathable and great options for the school or sports field environment where you’re wearing the mask for an extended period of time. Once the perfect design has been selected, each organization is given a dedicated link to their own product page. The link allows groups to sell their masks through email marketing campaigns and social media channels. It is recommended that groups utilize both organization wide and individual member avenues. The goal is to cast as large of a net as possible to help drive sales. And because it’s all digital, there’s no need for face-to-face sales.
Most companies will bulk ship the orders to the group which requires hand delivery to the buyer creating further opportunities for infection. BoosterShot is unique because they process all the orders and have the masks shipped directly to each buyer. This makes for a totally contactless process from start to finish, greatly reducing any issues that could arise from COVID-19.

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